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07 January 2012 @ 07:28 pm
Injay: Noodles and Chocolate  
Title: Noodles and Chocolate
Pairing: Injoon/Jay
Rating: pg-15~
Length: 2000~ words
Summary: Jay visits Injoon for the first time since he moved out. Teenage delinquent!AU.
Authors Note: This is a VERY VERY late sequel to a fic I wrote so long ago that nobody probably remembers it. You might want to read it first, though: http://mallangmute.livejournal.com/8260.html
I warn thee for possibly painful amounts of OOCness. Injoon seriously doesn't fit for this role, and frankly he made it really hard for me to finish it... But I like the story in itself, so here it is.



"This friday?"

"No, next. Friday the fifteenth."


Injoon sighs into the phone, just slightly, and Jay smiles to himself.

"How was your day?"

He laughs shortly, and Jay smiles even wider.

"I dunno. As usual."

Jay hesitates, pulling at loose threads at the holes of his jeans before continuing; "Do you like it?" He hopes he doesn't sound... worried.

"Yeah, sure." Injoon says, but Jay can't tell if he's sincere. "It's okay." There is a few moments of silence before he continues. "There's always a bit of initiation for the newbies... But the guys are nice. And the boss is good. Frankly, Jay..." Here he makes a small pause, and Jay knows he's grinning. "It doesn't take much to pick up trash all day.”

Jay laughs along, and then they just sit for a few minutes, listening to each other breathing.

"It's late." Injoon says then, softly. "Aren't you tired?"

"Yeah." Jay agrees, mostly by reflect. "I'll call you... tomorrow. Or something."


And so they hang up.

Jay falls back on the bed, stares up into the ceiling. Ten days... Just one and a half week, that's not much. Should be gone before you know't.

He tells his mom he's going to see Injoon. After all, she paid his ticket, and it took some convincing. (And some bribing. And a few off-white lies.) His mom is happy. Happy he's got such a nice friend and stopped hanging out with those bad kids. She actually says bad kids, hissing it through her teeth and Jay just rolls his eyes.

He skips the last class, the one he didn't tell mom he had, and rushes by the house before heading to the station; rucksack on his back, and ticket in his pocket. It's getting more and more crumpled for every time he touches it, and the closer he approaches the departure, the sweatier his palms get. He's early, so he buys a candy bar and plugs in his earphones. Dance moves form in his head and he can't help but to smile to himself. Maybe he’ll show Injoon that one...

He can't relax during the hour-long ride and he's so annoyed with himself for it. He knows it's gonna be nothing but a gigantic anticlimax. He slides lower and lower in his seat until he's practically lying across it; that's when his knees meet the back of the seat in front and prevents him from going further. He gets back up, straightens his back and looks out the window. Tries to think about Injoon. Tries not to think about Injoon.

He meets him at the station but it's nothing more than a nod and lopsided smile across the sidewalk.

"Hey." Injoon says.

"Hey." Jay answers despite the hot, swirling excitement in his stomach, and he can't help but to break into a sheepish smile. And so Injoon breaks into an equally, if not even more, sheepish smile and they share it at the sidewalk, completely privately before Injoon says; "Let's go."

They make their way side by side down the street, hands buried in pockets.

“…How was your trip?”

Jay snorts. “You’re so lame.”

Injoon rolls his eyes, but not without another tug of the lips. “Whatever, then. Brat.”

They have only passed a few blocks before Injoon suddenly stretches, alarmed.

"Go behind me." he breathes, rushed.


"Just keep a distance.”

Jay isn't hurt as much as curious, and lags behind a bit, and soon enough a guy ahead lights up and raises a hand to greet Injoon. He looks a few years older, sporting baggy jeans and a few stars tattooed on the side of his neck, as well as something arrow-looking behind his right ear. They both stop to exchange a few words, and Jay panics for a second, before deciding to just walk past them, trying to look like he knows where he's going. He walks and walks, not daring to look back, and soon Injoon catches up with him.

"Sorry about that." he says easily.

"Who was that?" Jay tries to not sound like a jealous fourteen year old girl.


"No-one?" Jay probes, a little pissed, and realizes he now does sound like a jealous fourteen year old girl.

"Just a guy who knows a guy I know." He shoots a look at Jay, and then adds, defensively: "From work!"

"You fucker." Jay says, but not with fervor. "I thought you moved here to get away from all that crap."

"It's not like that crap."

"Then what is it?"

"Jeez, stop grilling me, will you?" he glares, but just for a second, before grinning his lopsided smile again and brushing his arm against Jays' as they walk; just barely on purpose.

"Why couldn't he just have seen us together?" Jay questions sulkily, not wanting to drop it. "It's not like it is... anything."

"'Course not." Injoon says, a bit too quickly. There is a moment of silence as they walk, but then Injoon starts sighing and groaning.

"Look." He says quietly. "I'm not gonna get into shit again, but if I do get into shit, I don't wanna drag you down with me." He throws a glance down Jay’s thin frame, and then continues. "You need to buff up or something, so people won't fuck with you."

Jay is offended at first, but he knows what Injoon means, so he decides to lighten the mood with a tacky "fuck with me" joke instead. Injoon cackles loudly and brushes their arms together again.

Injoon unlocks the door in a starkly lit corridor with dirty tiles, and leads Jay into a narrow hallway.

"Make yourself at home..." he mumbles and locks the door behind them, shooting Jay a lingering look before disappearing into a doorway (a little too quickly). Jay kicks off his shoes and follows, not sure if he was expecting to be pushed against the door and snogged on the spot. He comes into a small room dominated by an old, worn couch, where he puts his backpack aside and sinks down into the cushions. There are two windows, but it's already dark outside and he can see his own reflection in them. Black hair, dark framed specs, awkward-looking face. He blinks at himself, and runs a hand through his hair, before turning around at the noises of plates.

"You hungry?" Injoon yells from the adjacent room, seemingly a small kitchen. "I don't have much at home, but we could make some cup noodles. Spicy or... spicy. Oh well."

He soon comes out with two big glasses of water, putting them at the floor beside the sofa before turning on the little TV on the other side of the room. The other side of the room, being, two meters away. The he disappears, but comes back after a few minutes with two steaming paper cups.

"Chopsticks or fork?"


"Coming right up."

Jay laughs, and leans back against the couch.

"What is this shit?" Injoon snarls with mouth full of hot noodles after sinking down next to Jay. "Where's the remote?"

Jay finds it between the cushions, and they zap while eating. Laughing, talking, laughing more. Jay is relaxed now.

Then they're both full, sprawled out in each corner of the couch. There is a break for commercials, and Injoon turns to look at Jay. It’s the same look as before, only more lasting. Jay can tell what it means; he suspects his own eyes look somewhat the same. Injoon soon edges closer, leaning in to kiss him.

Jay takes it all in; he was waiting for it. He wraps his arms around Injoon’s neck in a suffocating hug, because he has missed this, so much, until Injoon untangles himself, laughing and a little red to the face. Jay stays, back pressed into the couch, face split in a satisfied grin.

“Right!” Injoon jumps up. “I have cookies too.”

They munch on chocolate chip cookies while not really watching a sitcom; Injoon’s knee happens to bump into Jays’, mostly on accident, but Jay takes on the mission to bump back. Injoon laughs then; a muffled cackle forcing itself out around a mouthful of crumby cookie, and Jay realizes that Injoon is actually more nervous than himself.

He scoots across the couch, leaning on Injoon’s shoulder and grinning when he notices the other whirling his tongue around in his mouth and swallowing repeatedly.


“Hm?!” Injoon replies immediately, too loud.

Jay turns his face towards the other, and brushes a crumb off his cheek.


He tastes of chocolate (despite the thorough rinse), lips still being a little oily from the noodles and Jay happily takes on to suck it all off. It doesn’t take long before Injoon groans vaguely and pulls Jay closer, practically dragging him on top of his own slouching form. He groans again when Jay slowly sneaks fingers under his shirt and slides the heel of his hand against Injoon’s stomach; fingers playing lightly over skin and ribs. A glance is exchanged before he straddles Injoon’s thigh and starts working on his belt; the leg jerking up against him occasionally as he deftly jacks the other off. Jay watches; watches the slight twitch of Injoon’s face, his hands fisting, relaxing, and fisting again, watches how his abs sporadically clenches , hard enough for his entire upper body to jerk forward slightly; clenching, clenching, until-

“That was fast.”

“Shut up.” Injoon says, completely without fervor.

Jay grins. “I’ll go get you some paper.” He informs the other conversationally, but Injoon has suddenly taken an interest to the ceiling, and is studying it intently.

“In the kitchen.” He contributes in a small voice, when Jay’s already out of sight.


“No, no.” Injoon says seriously. “You’re gonna go to college.”

Jay’s eyes narrow in irritation, because there is something entirely too parental about what he says, and how he says it. But Injoon has his frown fixed on the ceiling again, this time licking his lips in contemplation, and Jay holds back his whiny but why.

“You’re smart.” Injoon says anyway, shifting on his back and putting a hand under his head where they’re lying, squished together on the narrow bed. “And it’s important to get a good education.” Here even he seemingly realizes how precocious he sounds, because he suddenly sticks a finger in Jays face and adds in an exaggerated, high-pitched voice; “Stay in school, kiddo!” Jay laughs and swats his hand away.

“You should be something fancy.” Injoon continues to the ceiling. “Like a doctor, or a CEO, so I can live off you.”

Jay laughs again. “The fancier job I go for, the longer you have to support me while I’m studying.”

Injoon cackles. “Well, shit.”

There is a pause, and then Jay pokes him in the ribs. “You’re also smart.”

“Of course.” Injoon replies, snorting self-righteously. “But I’m street-smart, not book-smart.”

“Is that a nice way of saying I’m a dork?”

Injoon laughs shortly, and then frowns against the ceiling again. “Why do you have to turn everything I say into something negative?”

“Fine.” Jay shifts down on his back and tries to find that spot in the white paint that Injoon seemingly finds so interesting. “I’ll go to the best university. I’ll go to Seoul, and you can just sit here and be smart on your street.”

It’s meant as taunting, but when Injoon replies his voice is so honest that Jay turns to look at him again; “Oh, I’d go with you.” He licks his lips and meets Jay’s gaze, just shortly. “If you want me there.”

For a moment, Jay is dumbfounded. “Yeah, sure.” He says, searching for Injoon’s gaze again but, when getting no response, also returns to the ceiling with a snort of his own. “I guess I could live with it.”

The chuckle that follows lets Jay relax and grin.

brak_bbrak_b on February 10th, 2012 05:31 am (UTC)
". ..Tries to think about Injoon. Tries not to think about Injoon." This is me. In real life. With my (new-ish) on-going obsession with Injoon. Yep. I feel Jay.

I like how in this story Injoon goes from thug to a cute lil' nervous wreck alsdkfjeiauogdkjf. Even if he doesn't fit the character....ways(?) much, it's still interesting to imagine... Thug!Injoon.. unf-- ok.

The ending's really cute.

Anyways, good job, I liked it ^^ /slowclaps.
Tallrikkanintallrik on February 10th, 2012 10:45 am (UTC)
huhu, i think this fic was a channeling of my belief that all thugs are actually cute lil' nervous wrecks inside... XD

thanks for reading and commenting! :3